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The ExtenTrac® Elite

Extentrac® Elite is a patented, non-surgical device for the treatment of lower back and leg pain.

extentrac elite
Pre-ExtenTrac Elite Treatment

Pre-ExtenTrac® Elite Treatment

Post-ExtenTrac Elite Treatment

Post-ExtenTrac® Elite Treatment

About The Extentrac® Elite

The Extentrac® Elite is designed to relieve pressure on structures that may be causing lower back pain through decompression of the intervertebral discs and facet joints, that is, unloading the spine with distraction, positioning, and mobilization.

At the heart of the ExtenTrac® Elite, is a state-of-the-art M3d system and technology (Multi-Directional Disc Decompression) a first of its kind 3D spine positioning system which allows the application of decompression from multiple directions. This specifically targets the disc, unlike traditional decompression devices which limit the application of distraction to the axial position.

Rather than limiting the direction of applied decompression to the axial or linear, ExtenTrac® Elite with M3D technology easily allows the Clinician to apply customized treatment and utilize evidenced based protocols unique to each patient's pathology.

The result is greater patient comfort and superior treatment outcomes.

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Patient Testimonials:

"As an athlete, I have subjected my body to rigorous training activities in order to stay on top of my game. Throughout my career with the style of play that I emphasize, I have put a lot of strain on my lower back area. Over the years, I have tried numerous types of treatments from chiropractic, physical therapy, myofascial therapy, acupuncture and other decompression tables in order to keep my body in peak physical condition. Even though I felt relief for short periods of time with the other apparatuses including traction and new decompression tables, I have felt the most sustained relief using the Extentrac® Elite. It has given me the ability to put my body back into proper alignment so that I can continue to condition at a high level of training necessary to sustain maximum performance of my sport." - Steve Webb, NHL Player

"Thank you for referring me for ExtenTrac® treatments. You were absolutely correct in your belief that I had reached a point in treatment which required traction and extension of my spine in order to alleviate the extreme damage to my lower back (discs and sciatica problem). I am pleased to report my remarkable recovery. Using Extentrac® to treat my injury, has resulted in my ability to stand erect and to no longer experience pain in my right hamstring area." - Stanley Rochelle, Satisfied Patientm

"After I was diagnosed with a lumbar disc herniation, I began a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation program. Included in my rehabilitation program was the use of ExtenTrac three days a week. I quickly became accustomed to the operation of the patient control unit. With the guidelines of the clinical protocol and the feedback from my own body, I was able to customize the treatments with every use. I feel ExtenTrac, combined with medical treatments and strengthening exercises helped me return to competition" -Rich Pilon, NHL Player